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Need to rent 500 Laptops?

We stock over 500 same model laptops and can customize the software image to your specifications.

Need Power?

How about a  Core i7 with 32GB of RAM?

Welcome to XCEL Technology Rentals

XCEL Technology Rentals is a full-service technology rental provider with a large inventory offering a full line of computer rentals, iPad rentals, copiers and audio visual equipment rental products.  


XCEL was established by a group of experienced professionals who share the same vision of what a technology rental company should be.  We focus on taking a hands-on approach to servicing customers because after all, it’s really service that we sell.


Our extensive inventory includes state-of-the-art technology from industry-leading manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung just to name a few.


At XCEL Technology Rentals, we live and breathe equipment and truly have a passion for what we do.  Because of this, you can rest assured we got you covered - at least when it comes to the technology portion of your next short-term project.  


Do you have a unique rental requirement or not sure how to achieve your goal with technology?  Give us a call.  We are up for the challenge. With our experience, you can count on us to make the rented technology work the way you need it.


Inventory?  We got lots of it.  We take great care of our inventory. It is expertly maintained and twice verified prior to delivery.  Take a look at some of equipment that we offer.


  Laptop Rental     Projector Rental    Desktop Rental   Monitor Rental   iPad Rental     Thin Client Rental        

   Copier Rental      Tablet Rental       Scanner Rental    Server Rental    Printer Rental      

We are excited to help you with your next short-term technology rental.

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Experience Matters

Organizations invest a considerable amount of resources in the planning of a short-term event.  The expected end result of this effort is for a successful event.


By partnering with XCEL Technology Rentals, you are certain to  achieve a successful event.  At XCEL, we believe there is more than just a successful result which occurs at the end of your time with us.  It starts with the experience you have with us from the very first contact.  We won’t lose sight of giving you a successful event but we will never stop asking ourselves what can we do to make your experience better right now.  


Do you have questions?  We will be available to answer.  Are you confused about something?  We will help you understand.  Because for us, a positive client experience throughout the whole process matters.


Not only does your experience with a technology rental provider matter but the experience the technology rental provider has with the type of event you are having.  


As for XCEL, we’ve been around.  We have seen what works and what doesn’t.  We have designed and implemented successful solutions for a variety of short-term needs in various venues.  We are trained to overcome all obstacles in order to achieve your desired result.  Put our experience to work for you.  Want to learn more?  Take a look at some of our solutions.


   Legal Staffing Rentals     Training Rentals       Interactive Meeting Rentals      Event Rentals          Peer Review Rentals


   Corporate Rentals          Litigation Rentals      Disaster Recovery Rentals        Thin Client Rentals    Exhibitor Rentals       


   Hotel & Conference Center Rentals                Workplace Technology Rentals


Don’t see the rental solution to your problem?  Don’t worry.  Our experienced rental solution team will work with you to understand your needs in depth and develop a technology rental solution that will meet and in most cases, exceed your expectations all within an affordable budget.


We Rent Thin Clients

Renting Thin Clients are a great solution for when data security, remote management and rapid deployment are a must.  


Thin Client rentals are a great for Training Rentals, Legal Staffing Rentals, Event Rentals, Disaster Recovery Rentals and more.  We are experienced in designing a “Total Thin Client Solution” customized for your specific project.  You can even rent the servers from us or utilize our Cloud-based solution and let us host your needs.

We rent all models of iPads
Our inventory of iPads started with the Gen 1 models which we still rent today at prices that make renting large quantities very affordable.
Our iPad rental inventory includes:
All iPad rentals come standard with a case that has a 3-position stand.  
Black or White?
The choice is yours.  We can rent you large quantities of either black or white model iPads.   

iPad Rental